Community 3rd Party Fundraisers
Community Third-Party Fundraisers

Types of Third-Party Fundraisers

There are two kinds of third-party fundraisers:

 1.  A group or individual can host an event or sponsor an activity and make Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita the beneficiary.

(Example: An organization hosts a golf tournament and gives RMHC Wichita a check for the net profits.)

2.  RMHC Wichita can "piggy back" on an existing event, adding a third-party fundraising element, and receive the income produced from that element.

(Example: A city has a walkathon and the sponsor offers participants the opportunity to get pledges for RMHC Wichita.)

Fundraising Guidelines

RMHC Wichita has a set of guidelines that we ask all individual and organizations to follow when fundraising on behalf of Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita.

  •      * We ask that you do not organize a third-party fundraiser that includes lotteries, gambling, fortune telling, and raffles/drawings without first discussing it with our Development Manager.
  •        *Any third-party event that requires any type of license or proof of insurance should first be discussed with and approved our Development Manager.
  •        RMHC Wichita cannot solicit money for a third-party event and have checks made payable to the third-party. Checks must be made payable to RMHC Wichita (and be added to the proceeds received after the event) or we cannot be involved in the solicitation.
  •      *  The third-party event fundraising activity should be one that does not conflict with the cause, mission and values of RMHC Wichita.
  •      *  RMHC Wichita requires accurate use of its name and logo in all promotional materials by getting prior written permission for the event.
  •      *  A third-party fundraiser should not conflict with an existing and/or standard RMHC Wichita event.
  •      *  RMHC Wichita does not insure any third-party event or fundraiser.


Procedure and Third-Party Fundraising Form

Please download the RMHC Wichita Third-Party Fundraising Agreement below, fill it out and return it to us BEFORE your event. Contact the RMHC Wichita Development Manager to set up an appointment and/or to discuss your event. 316-269-4182

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Check out this fun and easy idea sheet!
3rd Party Fundraiser Information Sheet.pdf
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3rd Party Fundraiser Informational Sheet
Special Event Agreement.docx
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Special Event Agreement Form