Put Your Gift To Work Today!

When you make an outright contribution to Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita—a donation you immediately impart—we both benefit. Your generosity enables us to meet our most urgent needs and carry out our mission on a daily basis.

How It Works

Qualify for an income tax deduction

Your Benefits

When you support us with an outright contribution, your benefits include:

1. The ability to choose how your gift is used.
2. The opportunity to see the results of your generosity.
3. You qualify for an income tax charitable deduction for the full value of your gift, up to current adjusted gross income limitations, when you itemize on your taxes.

Steps To Take To Make Your Gift

1. Mail us your contribution or donate online by clicking on "Donate."
2. Let Susan Smythe at Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita know if you would like to direct your gift to a particular program or if you would like us to use your gift for our most pressing needs.
3. Obtain a written acknowledgment of your contribution from us and keep it for your records.