This Time Here Was Truly A Blessing

Carlos and Daren Masauding have been staying with Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita for the last 4 months along with their 3 young children. They are eagerly awaiting a day when they can take their youngest son Carlson home from the hospital for the very first time.

Carlos’ work often takes him to places far from home, and with 3 young children, and another on the way, it became harder and harder to leave them behind.

“I work for GE with their wind turbine division. My job is to commission them and get them running. My wife with 3 of our children, she cannot be by herself, she does not know anything about this country yet. She just got here.

After a couple of months, Carlson, decided he wants to be a Kansan. [Daren] went to the emergency room around 3 – 4 o’clock and sent me home because the kids were getting out of school. I went home and I was so tired and I thought she was just there for a checkup so I went to sleep. Boy everything went to hell after that.

The sheriff came over to my RV and I thought I was in deep trouble. I said whoa, what is going on? They said ‘Are you Carlos Masauding?’ and I said ‘Yes’ and they said ‘Do you have a wife in the hospital?’ and I said ‘Whoa this is not good.’ They told me that they have been calling me and my phone was in the truck. It was ringing like 2800 times.

I rushed over to the hospital and when I got there a helicopter landed on the helipad, and I knew right away it was for her.

I got in and they made a quick assessment and doctors said she would not [survive the flight] to Wichita. So they decided right then and there to do the C Section and and he came out.

It was rough. The first 2 – 3 hours it was really rough because [Carlson] was not viable.

They gave me this scenario that what happens if its like this or like that, what to you want us to do? Its a tough choice. I’m just glad [Carlson] made the decision for me. He said hey man I’m out here. I’m gonna make it. It wasn’t my decision it was his. He decided to go for it and that’s why we are here.

We got here, for some reason or stroke of luck the hospital recommended [Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita]. I didn’t know anything about a service like this for families like us. I was so happy. I’m glad that [RMHC Wichita] is there for people like us. Families like us. Because without this facility, I don’t know where we would be. I might have to sell everything which is already there, but I’d really be in the poor house.

This is a big big help and favor that [RMHC Wichita] exists, and the care and understanding and the breaks I have been getting from management to house managers.

I’m glad we get this opportunity to say thanks and you know to tell everybody in this organization how thankful we are.

You know days like these. Sometimes you just really, when you get directly [sic] recipient of this kind of kindness it means a lot. I am really thankful for the people particularly here because they really opened their hearts.

I’m thankful to everybody we have met, the volunteers, I’ve never seen people willingly do things for people that they don’t know. It’s amazing, not only the physical help, but the emotional support that we are getting is tremendous, because without those we won’t make it. That’s for sure.

I don’t know what would have happened to our kid if we didn’t get this kind of support.

It’s a long journey for us, 4 months now. During that time I could not even see how long we were gonna do this, whether I would have a job. I mean it was dark. It was very dark. But now, light. We are almost out, and are looking forward to where we are going.

We are very thankful to this organization. It is my plan that maybe in the future I can show some, I can return back [sic] the generosity and care and love that we got here. I know there is no way I can repay that, but with every little bit we can extend to [RMHC Wichita] we will do our best.

I have only known generosity as a side thing. My family we never really effected, this time here it was truly a blessing. Words cannot express our gratitude. It’s really overwhelming when you think about it.”

– Carlos Masauding

Carlson Masauding was born on November 9th 2015 and joins his siblings Carlos, 2, Carlene, 6, and Carl age 7.