How To Stay

Room Reservations: 316-269-4420

To stay at the Ronald McDonald House

  • Families of children who are 21 years of age or younger.
  • Families whose home residence is outside a 30 mile radius of Wichita.
  • The child must be receiving medical care in Wichita.
  • At-risk pregnant women may also stay but must be accompanied by an adult as described below.
  • All adult family members who stay with us will need to pass a background check.
  • All families must have a referral from the medical provider.
  • All family members must be free of infectious disease.
  • Maximum occupancy is 4 persons per room (includes children.) 
If you meet these qualifications, the next steps require you to:
  • Call Room Reservations 316-269-4420 to check availability of a room.
  • We ask for a contribution of $15 per night and the first night’s stay is requested upon check-in. However, no family is turned away due to an inability to pay. If you are covered by KanCare, please let the house manager know. More information will be provided at check-in.
Check-In Procedure
  • Families are encouraged to check in to the Ronald McDonald House between 8:00am and 9:00pm daily.
  • All adults staying at the Ronald McDonald House must present photo IDs and complete the registration process prior to receiving accommodations.
  • Upon check-in, families will receive our Guidelines and Expectations. All adults are required to sign this form indicating they know, understand and have had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the Guidelines and Expectations.
  • New families will be given a tour and orientation so that you will be better equipped to follow the House procedures.
Check-Out Procedure
  • Upon a child’s discharge from the hospital, families must contact the House Manager to begin the check-out process prior to leaving.
  • Families must complete the check-out tasks included on the check-out form. Tasks included thoroughly cleaning the room, vacuuming and dusting, cleaning the bathroom and emptying wastebaskets. 
  • Room keys, TV remotes, air mattresses, etc that have been checked out, must be returned to the House Manager. There is a $15 charge for keys that are lost.
  • The Ronald McDonald House does not have a housekeeping department. All families are required to clean and maintain their rooms on a regular basis. They are also required to clean up after themselves in all other areas of the house.

Our House is your Home

From the moment you enter our doors, we want your family to be comfortable. But most importantly, we want to provide you the support you need so you can focus on the most important thing — your child’s healing.