We Can See Her Everyday

The holidays were supposed to be a time for Kiley Clift and Cody Patterson to gather with family and prepare to welcome their daughter into their family. Unfortunately the holidays came early this year. Their daughter was due to be born on January 13th, 2016 but arrived 25 weeks early.

“It just happened a lot faster than expected,” Cody Patterson.

When Elena Patterson was born on October 1st, Kiley and Cody found themselves far from home with nowhere to stay.

“I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a Ronald McDonald House until Elena was born,” Kiley Clift remembers. “I filled out a referral, they called me the exact same day and here I am.”

Kiley has been staying at the Ronald McDonald House ever since while Cody commutes back and forth to work everyday.

Kiley is thankful to have support so close to her child.

“We are so close to the hospital. It’s not a 45 minute drive, it’s a 5 minute drive and we can see her everyday. It’s just awesome,” Kiley said. “I love it here. I think it’s awesome that (RMHC Wichita) provides everything that anybody could possible need. All you need to bring is yourself and (RMHC) provides everything else. We don’t have to worry about anything, except our daughter.”

Kiley and Cody have spent Halloween and Thanksgiving at the Ronald McDonald House and will likely spend Christmas and New Years there as well.