Whatever It Takes

As Natasha Busch and Adrian Kroulik headed into their 20 week sonogram, they were excited to find out if their identical twins were girls or boys. That day they found that their twin girls Ava and Aurora had Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and their lives would never be the same.

Before they knew it, Natasha and Adrian had to leave their Salina home and head to Denver Colorado for surgery. With nowhere to stay, a nurse introduced them to the Ronald McDonald House and they were able to stay there for the rest of the week. It was now just a matter of time before their twin girls arrived.

“Most women who have the surgery go into labor in 10 weeks, well I only made it 8 weeks” Natasha remembers. “I knew they would come early. I just didn’t know how early. And I knew that I wanted to have them in Wichita if they were gonna be early.”

While in Wichita for her weekly sonogram, Natasha was again informed that there was an issue. Three days later on March 6th her twin daughters were born and placed in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Natasha and Adrian again sought the help of Ronald McDonald House Charities.

“Ronald McDonald House Charities Wichita took us in. There is nowhere else I could stay for 3 months.” Natasha explained. “This gives us the opportunity for me to stay close to our children, because I’m a mom and I’m not leaving their side till they’re out of here. I would do whatever it took to be here everyday with them.”

Every weekend Adrian makes the two hour drive from Salina to Wichita to stay and having a place to rest and regroup makes all the difference.

“The Ronald McDonald House just takes all that stress away. To me the Ronald McDonald House is a lifeline. I couldn’t survive right now if it wasn’t for them.” Natasha explained. “It’s really homey to me. I have made it home. There is something different about a Ronald McDonald House that it is different from a hotel or motel. It feels like home.”

So much has changed for Natasha and her growing family, even what she thinks about RMHC “It used to be a little change box in front of the window, and now it’s something that’s going to change my life forever. I’m going to give back, I don’t know when or how but it’s gonna happen.”