You're Helping Ace Beat the Odds

Two-year-old Ace struggles with the most basic things — like smiling and eating. That’s because, until recently, he was suffering 60 seizures a day.

Ace has tuberous sclerosis complex, a chromosomal mutation that causes tumors to form all over his body. He has seven brain tumors, two tumors in his heart, and two in his left eye. Tumors like his are known to cause cancer. His doctors weren’t sure he would live to see his second birthday.

His mom, Erica, remembers when he had his first seizure. Soon, he was having so many seizures and spasms that he couldn’t control his body at all. When doctors delivered the diagnosis, Erica and her husband were crushed.

Fighting the Good Fight

Since that day, Erica has dedicated herself to making sure Ace gets the best possible care. She’s worked with doctors to try medicines, physical therapy, and occupational therapy to get Ace’s seizures under control.

The illness takes a toll on their family, both emotionally and financially.

But recently, they found a reason to hope. Erica learned that Ace was a candidate for brain surgery. There was only one catch. The hospital where he could have the surgery was hours and hours away.

So Ace, his mom, his grandma, and his big brother made the long trip to get to the hospital.
And there was only one reason they could go in the first place: They knew that, thanks to friends like you, they could find all the comfort and care they would need while far from home.

Ace’s treatment and medications have been expensive, so every little bit makes a difference. You help make sure Ace and his family have a place to relax, nutritious snacks to eat, and activities to keep them in good spirits while he waits for surgery.

Ace has a long fight ahead of him, but Erica says that none of them are willing to give up. And luckily, they have friends like you fighting right alongside them.

Thank you for caring about kids like Ace!

Jasmine Lives with Constant Pain, but You’re Giving Her a Reason to Smile

Jasmine used to ride horses and play volleyball. Now, she lives with pain and is confined to a wheelchair.

“I’ve had severe rheumatoid arthritis since I was 14. I had to stop doing everything. I have it everywhere,” she says. “When I was 15, they found out my left kidney stopped working. When I was 16, my intestines stopped working.”

Then, doctors found tumors on her neck. It was Hodgkin lymphoma, and it was inoperable. She would need to fight back with chemotherapy at a hospital far from home.

Jasmine describes how trying and painful her treatments have been. She suffered headaches, weight loss, and chest pains. She struggled with side effects, including seizures so severe that the flight crew had to land the plane on Jasmine’s way to hospital.

But you’ve given Jasmine a chance to feel better. Thanks to your support, she can receive comfort and care while she gets treatment at a nearby hospital. She talks about her time there with a big, happy smile.

“I love it here,” she says. “I love all the people. People smile back. I didn’t expect all the things they give you here. I was here through Christmas, and it was great!”

She keeps her mind off her chemotherapy treatments by painting and making new friends.

Thank you for giving Jasmine a reason to smile! Your gifts don’t just give brave patients like her a place to relax. You also help them feel strong, and give them reasons to stay positive while they receive treatment.

Please give another gift today, and help more kids while they battle illness.

Trey’s Terrifying First Days

For months, Kim and Dale had been dreaming of bringing their newborn baby home from the hospital. But sadly, their son, Trey, couldn’t leave intensive care. Fluid filled his lungs during his delivery. He had to receive antibiotics and recover in the hospital for the next nine days.

Thanks to friends like you, Kim was never far from her newborn. You gave her a loving place to stay close to Trey.

Kim appreciated having the chance to rest and recover from her C-section. “I had a lot of swelling,” she explains. “I was having such a hard time walking and doing the simplest things. They offered me a comfortable couch where I could sit with my feet elevated.”

“I met other mothers there who would talk, laugh, and cry with me,” she says. “They were an amazing support system.”

Finally, Trey was well enough to go home. Today, he’s a healthy and very happy little boy. But Kim says she’ll never forget the gift you gave her — the time she got to spend near him during his first frightening days.

She says, “You allowed me to rest and recover from my surgery while still being near my son. Anyone who has been in that position knows that it is priceless!”

Thank you for giving worried families a place to heal together.