There Was Not One Moment To Spare

Justin was just 3 years old when he began having low-grade fevers and pain. At first doctors thought it was juvenile arthritis. They put Justin on a high dose of anti-inflammatory medication. But it upset his little tummy so much that they did more testing.

Then…devastation. Doctors discovered a mass. Justin needed lifesaving treatment right away.

There was not one moment to spare.

Yet, the advanced care he needed was at a special hospital hundreds of miles away from his home!

Having a serious illness is terrifying enough for anyone – but even more so for a small child like Justin. On top of that, Justin and his mom had to travel far from home for the treatment that could help save him.

Justin wants to get better fast. He wants to get back to being a kid again.

But most of all, he wants his mom to be with him.

“Sometimes my treatment hurts. It feels like my bones are crushing. Being sick makes me sad, but when my mommy is with me, that makes me happy!” Justin told us.

We firmly believe that no child should ever have to face their treatment without the love and support of their mom or dad. But sadly, some hospitalized children have no choice. Their parents can’t afford long stays at hotels while away from home – or the gas to drive back and forth. At times these sick children are in the hospital without their family nearby.

As Justin went through treatment, this House truly became his home. Like all families that stay with us, he and his mom have a private room, access to our kitchen, and even a playroom where Justin can just be a kid. Even better, they have a strong sense of support from other families that understand what it’s like to fight for their child’s life – because they are experiencing it as well.