You Can Just Breathe

The Bartling family, Kyle and Courtney and their 2 daughters, Khloe (4), Kennedy (2) headed to Wichita from Hays, Kansas after her doctor told her she needed to be on watch.

Courtney was expecting twins and while they were excited, being so far away from home was difficult. Courtney stayed at the Midtown Ronald McDonald House in Wichita and her husband had to travel back and worth for work while taking care of their two daughters.

One day Courtney had server contractions at 29 weeks and was told to immediately check into Wesley Medical Center. A few moments after arriving at the hospital, she had an emergency C-section.

The twins, Kacie and Karson, were born at 29 weeks and 4 days. Immediately they were rushed to the NICU and stayed there for 2 weeks then they were transferred to the Special Care unit. Kacie was released 2 ½ weeks later, however Karson was still in the hospital during this time.

Karson has had to overcome some breathing issues, trouble eating, pneumonia, and his red blood cell count has been low. The doctors have reassured Courtney and Kyle that Karson is doing well and making significant strides.

The Bartling family has stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Wichita for over 2 months. Kyle Bartling expressed his appreciation for the house and the services RMHC Wichita provides,

“The financial burden of being 3 hours away from home is difficult but it’s nice to not have to worry about a hotel or spending money on meals every day for all of us…it has been a huge relief,” Kyle said.

Sometimes just a home cooked meal can make all the difference.

“Its very nice to have food available and when volunteers come and make a nice home cooked meal. When you come home from hospital life and everything is ready and you can just breathe,” Courtney said.

Courtney found comfort in the people who were also staying at the house as well as the security.

“It’s nice to know everything is locked down and safe and our family is safe. Also, it’s nice talking to other women who are staying here who have kids going through similar things as you,” Courtney said. “You go through it with each other.”