2022 LIVE

The secluded villa, called Raiwasa, is perched above the South Pacific, with an awesome 180-degree view overlooking the Somosomo Straight and surrounded by a lush tropical carpet of green rainforest and swaying palm trees. Raiwasa is for exclusive use, no one except the dedicated staff of 12 highly trained employees will be on the property at the same time as our winners (but you will rarely see them unless you call on them). This includes our winner's own personal 5 star chefs producing gourmet food served in 8 unique dining locations, their private car and chauffeur, cultural attaché, pure Fiji trained massage and skin care therapists and private tour guides, and activities coordinators.

This trip is for 4 people for 5 nights in Fiji.

Enjoy a leisurely 3-hour round-trip journey through one of the world’s most famous wine regions. Savor a chef-prepared multi course gourmet lunch as you view the vineyards from stylishly restored vintage Pullman Dining rail cars. Visit Jessup’s quaint Napa Valley tasting room and art gallery, featuring rotating exhibitions by celebrated regional and national artists. Experience a peaceful float above the world famous Napa Valley taking in the magnificent views on a sunrise hot air balloon ride.

This Package includes 2 tickets for 3 nights at Heritage Resort+Spa, Napa

Escape the run-of-the-mill and become enchanted with a captivating journey through Ireland. Stay at Cassidy's Hotel and Clontarf Castle Hotel in Dublin, The Old Ground Hotel in Ennis, and Randles Court in Killarney. Explore prehistoric forts, navigate pristine lakes and discover hidden gems on this guided adventure through Gaelic culture.

This Adventure is for 2 people for 6 nights in Ireland

Take a ride of a lifetime on the B-29 Doc World War II bomber plane. Experience a piece of history 8,000 feet up, as you find yourself where veterans once sat as they fought for freedom. Each B-29 Doc Flight Experience will last approximately 90 minutes and includes a 30-minute ride. Prior to takeoff, passengers will experience a crew briefing and learn more about the history of the B-29 and role it played in U.S. history. Passengers will also get to hear and see the sights and sounds of engine starts and run-ups prior to takeoff. Each flight experience has nine seats. This package includes one of the best seats, the radio operator seat. This seat is located at the forward section of the aircraft.

This flight includes 1 Ticket in the Radio Operator Seat on Doc

Join Brad Ragan 16+ year USAF Veteran/Instructor Pilot, Civilian Flight Instructor and Delta 767 First Officer for a ride in a sport aerobatic Vans Rv aircraft. Begin the flight lesson with a preflight brief at the exclusive Flying Pigs Flying Club, fly the profile, and debrief your flight experience at Stearman Field Bar & Grill.

This Experience includes 1 person for a 1 hour flight

There are many ways to help us in succeeding in our mission. If you can't attend Rock With Doc consider donating to our cause.

For more information, please contact Hayley Gribble