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Tips for Developers using the Global Demo & Theme

Latest Posts Indented 20px: (Fixed as of 7-1-2020)

Added CSS to Qode Options > General > scroll to the bottom for Custom CSS area.

.latest_post {
padding-left: 0px !important;

Notice Link on Home Page Not Working: (fixed as of 7-1-2020)

This problem actually occurs on the Row block below the notice. This is usually associated with the Home pages full-width feature photo. On this Row block, click on the Pencil Icon in the upper-right to edit the Row Settings. Look at it’s Design Options tab of this block. Remove the negative number from the “top margin” area. Save the block and Publish the page. Check the mobile version too. If there is no negative number found in the Row Settings, look in the Column Settings by clicking the Pencil Icon located in the top center of the block.

Changing Text for Breadcrumbs:

Go to Yoast SEO > Search Appearance > Breadcrumbs – In this tab is all the text settings.

Breadcrumbs Link to Wrong Page or Site:

Go to the Parent Page or Actual page with the wrong link, and re-publish it by clicking the blue update button.

Open New Window with Links

To enable links to open a new window (select target), you must change a setting in the WP Accessibility area. Go to Settings > WP Accessibility > Miscellaneous Accessibility Settings > then uncheck Remove target attribute from links.

Security: Changes to wp-config file for x-frames and cookie security.

Note when adding this code – Make sure single quotes are plain single quotes in your wp-config file or you will get an error on your site.

/** Added to secure x frames */
header(‘X-Frame-Options: SAMEORIGIN’);

/** Added to secure cookies */
@ini_set(‘session.cookie_httponly’, true);
@ini_set(‘session.cookie_secure’, true);
@ini_set(‘session.use_only_cookies’, true);

Posts: Hide the Post Date when not using WPBakery Page Builder Layout for posts

Add this code to the CSS in the Qode Options > General Settings > Custom CSS…

.entry_date {
    display: none !important;

Posts: Fix Blue Title Bar Height (Fix as of 3-13-2020)

Go to Qode Options > Title > Title Height… Remove the “px” from the “47px” so the setting reads “47” only.